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Toshiba Makes Patient Experience More Efficient

When it comes to healthcare, you always want to be able to provide the best quality care. Whether it’s employee knowledge, tools, or facility amenities, you want to make the process of a patients stay as best as possible. Bay Area Medical Center, located in Marinette, Wisconsin has taken a huge stride in doing so.

Mark Behl - ToshibaBay Area Medical Center has acquired the Infinix Elite cardiovascular X-ray system from Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. Now what does this exactly do? The Infinix Elite cardiovascular X-ray system provides patients with efficient exams that rid the choice between safety and image quality. The Infinix Elite offers access no other machine can provide for safer and more efficient exams with a C-arm designed to safely move around patients and clinicians. Toshiba’s WorkRite ergonomic enhancements allow a quicker, more accurate exam, while Spot Fluoroscopy helps manage radiation exposure.

Toshiba has a history of providing a helping hand in the healthcare industry. Dating back to 1914, Toshiba was the first to start research on X-ray tubes. They continue today to be a national leader in diagnostic imaging equipment. Many large organizations trust Toshiba Medical Systems. They are currently the official medical systems partner of Manchester United FC.

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