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Uber Suspended In Nevada

uber-logoFor most of 2014, the new transportation service Uber has taken America by storm. Uber is a ridesharing service offered via an app on your phone. What the app does is pair near by drivers with people looking for a ride. It is thought to heavily rival the typical yellow taxi. Although the service officially launched in San Francisco in June 2010, it has made many headlines in 2014. Despite raising $1.2 billion round of funding this year and raising their business evaluation to $17 billion, it has not all been great news. From complaints about drivers harassing riders to unexpected rate hikes, Uber has not had the best 2014 and things are only getting worse.

Uber has been suspended in the state of Nevada. Uber, having come to Nevada just in October had some early on success having its for ride through Sin City by the lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers. It wasn’t such smooth sailing afterwards however. It was reported about 50 Uber cars have been impounded in Nevada and drivers were constantly being written up for citations by Transportation Authority.

On November 24th, Washoe County District Court Judge Scott Freeman ruled that Uber operations would be temporarily shut down. For how long some ask? The answer is not yet known. Uber took it to their blog to release the news. Uber stated that there is a misunderstanding of how the service benefits the people of Nevada. They also stated that nearly 1,000 jobs in Nevada would disappear overnight. Uber was trying to show that while they provide a great service for riders, they also helped Nevada’s employment rate by providing nearly a 1,000 jobs.

Uber has had its troubles of late, but many expect them to turn it around. Many executives believe their operations will return to Nevada sooner rather than later. For more on this story, check out this article at