The people at Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center are constantly working hard to give their patients the best experience possible. This center is one of the most progressive freestanding outpatient imaging centers located in North Texas. Southwest Diagnostic Center focuses on ensuring that each patient has a personalized experience. The Diagnostic Center has remained true to this promise since it began in 1985, but now they’re really stepping up their game. The center has recently deployed a revolutionary payment engine called RoyalPay, as announced in a press release on November 17th, 2016.

RoyalPay is a payments engine that is secure and web-based, often referred to as a “calculator on steroids.” With Royal Pay, clients can avoid the hassle of complex payment calculations and manual eligible checks. RoyalPay also allows clients to largely increase time of service payments (TOS). Long story short, RoyalPay makes life a whole lot easier for the many patients who rely on Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center.

With RoyalPay, the front desk staff can now estimate and take payments for walk-in patients. These staff members then send this value proposition from the front desk staff to the back office, where other staff members work on eligibility checks and estimate calculations for scheduled patients days and weeks in advance. The increase in TOS payments leads to an increase in daily cash flow. It also reduces invoicing and collection activities thus, leading to a number of financial benefits down the line. What this ultimately means is that RoyalPay users are able to benefit from an ROI that is almost instant. There is no downside to RoyalPay, as it makes the process easier and more streamlined for patients and staff members alike.

Phillip Collins, Director of Business Services at Southwest Diagnostics, is very excited about this change. He says that there has already been a significant increase in up-front collection thanks to RoyalPay. This is because the Imaging Center can turn patients’ insurance eligibility, run their estimated out-of-pocket and collect for the diagnostics x-rays in a matter of seconds. Collins emphasized another way that RoyalPay has increased efficiency. Because the step of manual calculation of patient financial responsibility has been removed for scheduled exams, the insurance department is experiencing an increase in efficiency. He states that RoyalPay is not only efficient, but accurate and reliable. Collins also stated that RoyalPay is customizable to meet the needs of the Imaging Center and of the patients. The healthcare industry emphasizes patient transparency and patient rights, and RoyalPay has helped Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center keep these values at the core of their business.

RoyalPay, alongside Royal Kiosks, lets patients check in for exams and make payments while sitting in their seats in the waiting room. Peter Nassif, CEO oat Royal Solution Group states that patients want and need to have access to their estimates and the ability the make payments for upcoming exams days in advance. This partnership is going to simplify a number of processes for patients and staff of Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center.