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USDA Gives Renown Health Funds for Telemedicine

The USDA recently announced that it would grant more than 1.3 million to fund three telecommunications projects across the state of Nevada. I’m pleased to announce that Renown Health received nearly $440,000 to assist with our TeleHealth program. Alongside Renown Health, both the Nevada System of Higher Education and the Elko County School District received funds from the USDA.

Nevada is a big state and people live all over it. Some these people live nearby major medical centers, but those who live in more remote areas may find that getting to a major medical center costs them time and resources that they simply do not have. Renown’s TeleHealth program provides acute and ambulatory healthcare services to a number of rural healthcare communities in both Nevada and California. With these additional funds, we will be able to assist over 21 rural communities. Additionally, we will be able to connect patients, families, and caregivers with area emergency and elective healthcare services in eight counties throughout Nevada and three counties throughout California.

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TeleHealth has a number of different facets to it. Virtual Visits allow patients to see a provider using a mobile device or computer. Hospital Telemedicine allows doctors to hold immediate, virtual consultations with other medical professionals to help diagnose conditions and come up with the most effective treatment plan. Speciality Care allows you and your healthcare provider to hold interactive discussions with specialist for a collaborative diagnosis and treatment plan. Telestroke puts remote doctors in contact with Renown neurologists for quick evaluations. Additionally there are Wellness Classes and Support Groups to help patients stay health and Patient Health Monitoring, which helps physicians keep tabs on a patient’s health information to reduce readmission.

In many ways, Telehealth is an extension of our work with community partners. Just as we have partnered with 23andMe and the Desert Research Institute to initiate a landmark population health initiative, so are we reaching out to a number of healthcare providers across Reno to see how we can bring our technology and expertise to them. More and more people have quality healthcare within reaching distance. But there are still many who do not. TeleHealth and other telemedicine programs help to bring care to the patient. The future of healthcare is the future of patient experience.

Mark Behl

Giving Options Beyond ER

I’m very pleased to announce that Renown Health has recently teamed up with the Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) to help cut back on unnecessary visits to the emergency room. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of people come into ER that could have been treated in urgent care or with a visit to a primary care physician. The general result of this has been to bog down ER services. The solution? To bring medicine to the people. The method? Community Paramedicine.

You can learn more about this recent initiative by listening to an interview on KUNR.

Mark Behl

QLess Webinar and Improving Patient Experience

Renown Health partners with several companies to help us provide the best heatlthcare possible. One of those companies, QLess, offers a novel way of leveraging technology to reduce the amount of time that patients have to spend waiting around. QLess utilizes an online check-in feature that allows patients to check-in at a hospital before they even arrive. After using their services for a few months, I have to say that I’m completely blown away with the results. When QLess asked me if I wanted to share my experience with their service on a webinar, it was a no-brainer.

Feel free to give this QLess Healthcare Webinar a listen to. It’s 100% free.

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Nevada Doctors Looking Elsewhere?

The University of Nevada School of Medicine has close to 70 people graduating on May 15, 2015, however, only seven of those graduates are expected to stay behind and practice their profession in Nevada. Past statistics have shown that 90% of graduates seek opportunities elsewhere and do not plan to ever return to the Silver State.

Mark Behl - stethoscopeThe state is currently grappling with a pressing need for additional medical doctors- it’s the largest area in the country without teaching residency institutions and only one public medical school that caters to its students that area spread across an area of 400 miles. Many studies show that doctors and hospital administrators usually practice in the same state they graduated from, which helps increate the quality care and the numbers of practitioners for that specific state. However, this trend is not as easily transferable to Nevada and its public medical school. This indicates the importance and urgency of developing independent medical teaching schools around the state of Nevada as well as continuously increasing the overall quality of education.

Mark Doubrava, an official with the Nevada System of Higher Education, believes that residency programs have to be linked to strong medical schools. This is the only way to create a system that fully supports students in all stages of their education and beyond. State officials are also working along side lawmakers to develop excellent medical campuses across the state that are meant to attract new students and tenured faculty who are willing to establish a prominent medical culture.

The State Medical Association of Nevada has expressed that they will need thousands of doctors and nurses in the upcoming decades, and this is the time to start thinking of new strategies to build the infrastructure to house these new additions. With already aging practicing physicians, these needs are even more relevant.

Nevada Fires David Carter

After enduring a season that saw the Nevada Wolf Pack go 9-22, 5-13 in the Mountain West Conference, Nevada has decided to part ways with head coach David Carter. Carter was previously a long time assistant to previous head coach Mark Fox but when Fox left to take the Georgia job, Carter was promoted to head coach in April of 2009 signing a 5 year contract. Nevada as a basketball program had been gaining a lot of momentum having posted six consecutive seasons of 20 or more wins. Carter was quoted as saying, “This program is not going backward, I promise that.” In the last 3 seasons, Carter’s Wolf Pack have gone a combine 36-58, which looks to be backwards.

Mark Behl - David CarterThe rumor mill has begun to turn for possible replacements for David Carter. Tony Barbee is one name that has circulated at Nevada. Barbee is currently an assistant under John Calipari at Kentucky, who is currently going through one of the schools best seasons in history. Barbee does have head coach experience from his time at UTEP and Auburn.

Another possibility could be Joe Pasternack. Pasternack currently serves as the associate head coach at Arizona who is currently on a run in the NCAA Tournament. Pasternack has also served as a head coach previously at the University of New Orleans.

The final candidate that has surfaced is Eric Musselman. Musselman, the son of former NBA coach Bill Musselman is considered to be the top candidate. Eric Musselman currently serves as the associate head coach of the LSU Tigers. Musselman spent one year as head coach of the Wolf Pack in 2010 when he lead the team to a 34-16 record. He has spent time with many west coast NBA teams, specifically in California, which is a great area for Nevada to recruit in.

Nevada Wolf Pack Men’s Basketball at a Glance

It has not been the best season to date for the Nevada Wolf Pack. After losing Deonte Burton, who averaged over 20 points per game last year to graduation, the Wolf Pack had some shoes to fill. Nevada did not bring in any highly touted recruits in their 2014 class so it was going to be up to the the guys on the current roster to improve on the 15-17 (10-8) record they had last season.

Center AJ West

As we approach March, Nevada is just 8-18 and 4-10 in Mountain West Conference play. No one has quite stepped up to fill the 20 points missing from Deonte Burton on a nightly basis but Nevada has had a balanced effort on the floor. This years team has six guys averaging between 6.7 and 12.5 points a night. They’re led by 6’9 junior center AJ West. West, from Brooklyn, NY, is averaging 12.5 points, 10.7 rebounds and 2.7 blocks a night for the Wolf Pack. In a recent loss to Wyoming, West posted 19 points, 19 rebounds, 3 blocks, and shot 6-6 from the field and 6-6 at the free throw line. Nevada has also had key contributions from junior guard Marqueze Coleman. Coleman is averaging 9.8 points, 3 rebounds, 2.6 assists, and 1.2 steals on the season.

The while sitting at 8-18, there have been some close games this season that had a couple of things gone differently, we could be looking at a different overall record. The Wolf Pack lost by 3 to Weber State, 4 to Pacific, 3 and 4 to Fresno State (twice), 5 to UNLV, and 2 to San Diego State. They have played a lot of teams close, but could not put them away late in games.

The Wolf Pack will close out this season at Air Force, vs San Jose State, vs Colorado State, and at #24 San Diego State. Outside of a run that ends in Nevada winning the Mountain West Conference Tournament, they’ll miss out on the March Madness Tournament this year.

Uber Still Deemed Illegal in Nevada

Back in November of 2014, Uber, the transportation service similar to taxi cabs, had been suspended from operating in the state of Nevada. Uber had just began operating in Nevada in October but the operation didn’t not last past November. The service was suspended due to Uber breaking various state regulatory laws that saw some 50 Uber drivers cars impounded during its short stint in Nevada.

140927-uber-mn-1330_30e2a869ecd1d083c7f71cf6c400cad8On November 24th, Washoe County District Court Judge Scott Freeman ruled that Uber operations would be temporarily shut down until the situation as a whole can be closer and examined and a final ruling could be made. That ruling came on January 25th. Despite more than 26,000 people signing a petition to allow Uber’s services, ultimately the petition was denied. Why? The petition was denied because what it breaks down to is what Uber is doing is downright illegal.

In the state of Nevada, taxis and limousine have certain protocols to follow to drive in the state. There are licensing, permit fees, inspections, and insurance that are supposed to be had in order to drive in the state but Uber does not follow these protocols. You may ask why is Uber still trying to pursue their business in Nevada despite blatantly not following the rules? Uber thinks they’re an exception because they claim to be a technology company and not a transportation service. They often tell people that they are a technology company that employs drivers, in order to get out of certain legal obligations.

February 2nd starts the 78th Nevada legislative session. The session lasts 120 days. If anything were to be further done about this matter, it would be during this time frame. I’m sure Uber will make a strong case to allow their service in the timeframe. Las Vegas alone is probably a big revenue source for Uber so they’ll do their best to get back into Nevada.

Nevada, More than Just Las Vegas

Over 36 million visitors head to Las Vegas each year to gamble and have an unabashed good time. After all, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. However, there is more to Nevada than its glamorous city. The Silver State is filled with a plethora of natural gems, from scenic Lake Tahoe to the Valley of Fire State Park.

So if you’re planning a trip to Nevada, consider one of these sure to amaze destinations:

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe boasts radiant blue waters and encourages visitors to partake in the natural resources available to them, water and snow sports being the most prominent. One can enjoy boating, swimming, kayaking as well as hiking on the the eastern shore while Lake Tahoe’s South Shore offers a more kitschy atmosphere and some fun casinos. For a more upscale experience, Tahoe’s North Shore is the place to go, especially if gambling is on your vacation to-do list. Apart from popular casinos, such as the Cal Neva Lodge and Tahoe Biltmore, the North Shore also caters to skiers and snowboarders, who can drift down some of Nevada’s most beautiful slopes, including Heavenly Mountain, Mount Rose Ski Tahoe and Diamond Peak.

Valley of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State park is located in the Mojave Desert, 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas. It is Nevada’s oldest state park and was established in 1935 in order to preserve ancient drawings of the Anasazi Pueblo tribes. The parks offers many rare plant and animal species including endangered desert tortoises, which you can try to spot in addition to coyotes, kit foxes and rabbits. It is the ideal vacation spot if you’re looking to be outdoorsy. Picnicking, hiking and camping are all absolute musts if you’re going to be visiting the Valley of Fire State Park.


Laughlin is located on the banks of the Colorado River, where Arizona, California and Nevada meet. The neighboring desert is unpopulated, for the most part, which gives the resorts in the area a special and exclusive feel. Laughlin was initially a mining town; the first casinos didn’t open until the 1970’s; however, a lot of resorts have popped up since then including the Colorado Belle Hotel and Casino and the Aquarius Casino Resort. Must see events are the stunning annual fireworks on July 4th and the River Regatta, an event in mid August where thousands of inner tubers float down the river in big embellished costumes.

Uber Suspended In Nevada

uber-logoFor most of 2014, the new transportation service Uber has taken America by storm. Uber is a ridesharing service offered via an app on your phone. What the app does is pair near by drivers with people looking for a ride. It is thought to heavily rival the typical yellow taxi. Although the service officially launched in San Francisco in June 2010, it has made many headlines in 2014. Despite raising $1.2 billion round of funding this year and raising their business evaluation to $17 billion, it has not all been great news. From complaints about drivers harassing riders to unexpected rate hikes, Uber has not had the best 2014 and things are only getting worse.

Uber has been suspended in the state of Nevada. Uber, having come to Nevada just in October had some early on success having its for ride through Sin City by the lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers. It wasn’t such smooth sailing afterwards however. It was reported about 50 Uber cars have been impounded in Nevada and drivers were constantly being written up for citations by Transportation Authority.

On November 24th, Washoe County District Court Judge Scott Freeman ruled that Uber operations would be temporarily shut down. For how long some ask? The answer is not yet known. Uber took it to their blog to release the news. Uber stated that there is a misunderstanding of how the service benefits the people of Nevada. They also stated that nearly 1,000 jobs in Nevada would disappear overnight. Uber was trying to show that while they provide a great service for riders, they also helped Nevada’s employment rate by providing nearly a 1,000 jobs.

Uber has had its troubles of late, but many expect them to turn it around. Many executives believe their operations will return to Nevada sooner rather than later. For more on this story, check out this article at Forbes.com.